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I would like to thank you for visiting my blog, Beyond Orthodox Conversion to Judaism.

The conversion process can be a lengthy and daunting one to say the least and I want you to know that I am here to help you through it.

I have been teaching newcomers to Judaism for over a decade and over the last few years I have seen that conversion candidates really lack the support and knowledge they need to navigate the conversion process and successfully integrate into the Orthodox Jewish community.

I created my mentorship program in order to help make this whole experience as smooth and as painless as possible! (Can't do much about the growing pains, though ;)

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My Rebbe, Rav Moshe Sternbuch

In case you were wondering why I have all of these articles written by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, he is my Rebbe, and one of the gedolei hador (greatest Rabbis of our generation).

Rav Sternbuch fully endorses me and supports my mentorship program.

He is the address for all of my halachic or hashkafic (practical and philosophical) questions that I or my students may have.

The articles are based on his weekly talks on the Torah portion that the Rav gives in Jerusalem in his kollel. As a member of the kollel I get first dibbs on the photocopies and I type them up for my blog so you can all benefit from the Rav's erudition and insight.
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Parshas Miketz: G-d is Orchestrating our Lives!

"And Yosef saw his brethren and he knew them but made himself strange to them and spoke roughly to them to buy food; and he said tho them, 'Where do you come from? And they said From the land of Canaan to buy food" (Genesis 42:7)

When the brothers come to Egypt to get food, Yosef instantly recognizes them although the brothers don't recognize him. He then speaks to them in a gruff manner accusing them of being spies. If Yosef is so righteous, why does he go to great lengths to accuse of them of being spies and causing more anguish to his father Yaakov?

The dreams that Yosef had are a form of prophesy and if a prophet has prophecy he has to give it over even if it puts their life in danger. They also have to get the message right or they forfeit their life! Not so easy to be a prophet!

These prophecies have to be actualized and Yosef has to put the brothers on a course of action to make that happen and this is part of the reason they have to go through this. The main reason though is because Yosef wants to make sure that they have uprooted their bad character traits and have fully repented for their actions.

We see this when they have received their money back while they are at the inn on the way back to the land of Israel. They realize that all the actions that have occurred are a result of how they treated Yosef. Up until this point, though, how could they have not realized what they had done was wrong? After all, they acted within the laws of the Torah and showed mercy to Yosef by not killing him, they merely sold him!

The answer is that although according to the Torah they were justified in what they did, they still acted in a cruel way. For them to truly repent, Yosef had to make sure and put them through this trial even though it caused more anguish to his father. The whole ploy was also a way to get his father down to Egypt so that the future Jewish people would be redeemed!

What an amazing thing! On the one hand, Yosef is working on the character traits of his brothers while at the same time looking towards the future of the Jewish people. As we can see and have seen throughout the book of Genesis there are multiple layers of things going on that we cannot even begin to fathom.

We will see in next week's parsha that Yosef will say that he has no hard feelings towards his brothers because everything was orchestrated by G-d Himself! This is the lesson we have to take for ourselves. Whatever happens in our lives is really orchestrated by G-d and we are put in certain situations to see how we will react and rise to the occasion to reach our true potential! If we would live our lives with this in mind, we would look different and become great spiritual people!

Shabbat Shalom