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Welcome to Rabbi Chaim Coffman's Blog!

I would like to thank you for visiting my blog, Beyond Orthodox Conversion to Judaism.

The conversion process can be a lengthy and daunting one to say the least and I want you to know that I am here to help you through it.

I have been teaching newcomers to Judaism for over a decade and over the last few years I have seen that conversion candidates really lack the support and knowledge they need to navigate the conversion process and successfully integrate into the Orthodox Jewish community.

I created my mentorship program in order to help make this whole experience as smooth and as painless as possible! (Can't do much about the growing pains, though ;)

Feel free to get to know me a little through the posts on my blog and visit the mentorship and syllabus page if you are interested in possible joining us.

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My Rebbe, Rav Moshe Sternbuch

In case you were wondering why I have all of these articles written by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, he is my Rebbe, and one of the gedolei hador (greatest Rabbis of our generation).

Rav Sternbuch fully endorses me and supports my mentorship program.

He is the address for all of my halachic or hashkafic (practical and philosophical) questions that I or my students may have.

The articles are based on his weekly talks on the Torah portion that the Rav gives in Jerusalem in his kollel. As a member of the kollel I get first dibbs on the photocopies and I type them up for my blog so you can all benefit from the Rav's erudition and insight.
Thursday, March 10, 2016

Parshas Pekudei: We put our best foot forward and G-d does the rest

"They brought the Tabernacle to Moshe the Tent and all its utensils; its hooks, its planks, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets" (Exodus 39:33) 

The Midrash tells us that the children of Israel were not able to erect the mishkan (tabernacle) and G-d helped Moshe get it up. Although it was too heavy for Moshe to lift up by itself, G-d told him to do it and He would help. We learn from here Rav Moshe Sternbuch Shlit'a explains in Chochma V'Da'as that we have to put our best foot forward and try to the best of our ability and G-d will bring help and finish it.

Rav Sterbuch tells the following story of what happened to him when he was younger. When he was a student in the yeshiva Eitz Chayim in London, the monetary situation was tenuous and they didn't even have bread to eat! One day, Rav Sheneider z"l the head of the yeshiva told him to go out and knock on doors to try and get people to donate to the yeshiva to help it since it was in such dire straits. Each night he went from one house to another without any success; this one wasn't in the house, another one said they gave enough already to other causes, others said what do you need a yeshiva for in the first place...In the end not only did he not bring in any money but the travel costs were another added expense that the yeshiva had to pay!!

The next day while he was learning Rav Shneider was looking for him and he was terrified to speak to him. He thought he would be reprimanded for not helping the cause and he was embarrassed. He saw Rav Shneider tremendously happy and he screamed out to me "Great job! You were very successful for the yeshiva!!".

He thought there must be some sort of mistake since he didn't bring in any money and even caused the yeshiva to lose money! Rav Shneider screamed and said, "What don't you have any faith in G-d? You went to help out and G-d already sent a lot of money today from a different source! Rav Shneider meant that even though you personally were not successful in bringing in any money, you went out and put your best foot forward and G-d brought in the salvation through another channel but it was based on your own effort!

This is an unbelievable story for a number of reasons. This teaches us that even if we work hard to the best of our ability, we have to put out the effort and G-d will send help from somewhere even if we didn't even go there or speak to anyone in such a place. How many times have we been helped out or received something which we have no idea where it came from?

This is the answer. We put our best foot forward and G-d helps from somewhere else based on your effort!! This is unbelievable and we have to always remember what G-d does for us and see how our efforts even if not successful brings in the salvation that we need!